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Graduated at Liceu de Artes e Ofícios de São Paulo Escola Técnica as Construction Technician. He works with mock-up projects and teaches miniature, drawing and architectural model techniques.

José Ângelo de Oliveira Pinheiro

See pictures of his work in the end.

Miniature is everything that is made in a scale smaller than real life.

What is a miniature?

It depends on several factors, but as I see it, there are miniatures that are real master pieces and there is also a lot of art in miniature.

Is it art or not?

When I was a kid. But professionally, in 1985.

When did you first become interested in miniatures?

I have no idea. It probably turned out to be really ugly.

Which was your first piece of miniature?

At Oficina de Artes, under guidance of our professor (and architect) Raul Borges Fortes.

Where did you learn to make them?

The next one, (laughs...)

Which is your favorite project?

This is a secret, I can only talk about it after it is ready.

Do you have a dream project?

Paper overlay.

What is your favorite technique to work with?

I have no favorites when it comes to scales. It is the Project (purpose) that defines the scale and that’s it!

Which is your favorite scale? Why?

It’s easy to make miniatures, but it’s almost impossible to make anything in Brazil.

Is it easy or difficult to make miniatures in Brazil?

No culture, lack of professionalism, lack of support...

Why is that?

Yes, as I’ve already said once, there are few of them, but they do exist and most are anonymous. Some don’t even take part in internet “discussion groups” .

Are there good miniaturists in Brazil?

For cultural and economical reasons.

Why is there so little information about miniatures in Brazil?

Roll up your sleeves and start working. Anyone can make a miniature.

What advice/suggestions would you give to someone who wants to start this hobby?

first published on 06/14/2008