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There are several ways to display miniatures.
The most common ones are shown here:

Takes the most room. It can vary from only a room inside to a mansion with many rooms and floors…

The price also varies. From a few dozen of dollars to several thousands... Especially if it is already furnished! But it's also worth having and looking at, precisely due to all the details we can 'get lost into' for hours and hours in true awe...


It is a whole room reproduced in a box, where at least one of the 'walls' is made of glass or acrylic to allow looking inside.

It can be a kitchen, a living room, a winter garden, etc.

A great way to get started, as it takes less space in your house than a whole dollhouse. But it is still quite big.

Anyway, it's a great way to 'play' with your decorating skills! :)


It is almost a Roombox, but its limits aren’t as well defined. It's not as "square" as a Roombox, it might not even be a closed space. It is usually a partial view of a whole environment, like a Christmas tree area or a fireplace...

It's great if you don't have much space to have a full house or even a roombox, or if you just want to replicate part of a room.

Often used by sceno­gra­phists  to study a play set.


Unusual containers can be used to contain a mini scene. They can vary from an old computer monitor to a match box or an Altoid can, for smaller scales.

What counts here is creativity and ingenuity!

And also a very good pair of eyes or magnifying lenses, when looking at smaller scales scenarios... :)

Free style

Landscape in an Aldoid can. By Lee Strobridge. In 1:144

A mini scene inside a dome. By Nancy Day, In 1:12.

Rooms inside food containers. In 1:24.

By The Guys from Texas.

Also inside a dome, but in 1:144.
By Betinha Murta.

Framed scenarios at Art sem Tamanho Exhibit

Framed scenario by  Jane Vieira

More modest but charming.

Made by  Greenleaf.

Almost a mansion.

Made by
Real Good Toys

A plain roombox

Roombox by Evelyne Martin

A corner of a typical bar, by  Angelo Pinheiro.

Architecture office, byMônica Terra.

It is practically a 3D framed picture.

Sometimes the miniatures in them are cut in half, just to give a D3 feeling to the 'picture'.

Very common in Brazil, can be found at most weekend craft fairs. They usually depict a dental office, a layer's office, a bathroom, a nursery, etc.

And quite often they even 'double' as key hangers...

The simple 'all-in-cold-porcelain' ones have a charm of their own, but more elaborated ones can also be found, if you look carefully for one.

Framed Scene or Display Box

A living room inside an old computer monitor.

ByAnamaria Bovi