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On Sunday Aug/17, Regina was there showing how to make some minis and signing her book. She was there again on Aug/23.  

Regina Nacca's Book 

It's not meant for dollhouse scales, but it fits beautifully! It's a real newspaper, with current news and everything else! You can subscribe it and have it sent to your home. Published in Divinopolis, Minas Gerais state, since 1935, Vossa Senhoria also has a GUINNES World Records certificate as the smallest published newspaper in the world!

One issue (certificate included) for just R$ 1.00... A true bargain!!!

The Smallest Newspaper in the World

The Smallest Books in the World are 100% readable. They have over 300 books on their list, in Spanish, in Portuguese and in English. . Most of them are about 6 cm (2in1/4), and about 1 cm (3/8in) thick. Again, not meant for dollhouse scales, but still pretty small.

As if that size was not enough, they also have hardcover real books that are about 4 cm (1in1/2) and also 2 cm (5/8in)!!! If you want, you can also purchase them with their corresponding shelf. Those, no doubt, would fit well any 1:12 dollhouse setting! From R$ 15 on.

Oh, and they also sell full bookshelves specially designed for their books.

The Smallest Printed Books

At their stand, you can see some miniature settings at display, one for each month of the year. They're made of wood and paper, very interesting! The only down side is that they didn't write anywhere the name of the artist who made them...

Japan Foundation

Potential buyers can see up close several items that come with their collection “ Summer House”, to be issued one per week for over 100 weeks. Great chance to be tempted! They also explain to those interested how their subscription system works.

Planeta Publishing House

It was a great event, worth going to.

It is sure a great show, for the whole family!

In General

Pictures in the end.