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Miniatures in Brazil...

Also worth mentioning is the woodwork by Roberto Ferrés, the perfect plants by Sonia Boscolo and the ones by Minifiore. They look so real we feel like watering them. Better not!.... :)  And to make a mini scene cozy, nothing better than the perfect needlework by MiniMárcia.Finally, we have the impressive impeccable work by master and teacher Regina Nacthigall. Amazing!

In Brazil it is very hard to find tools and supplies specific for miniatures. So, we must often resort to creativity. Trash 2 Treasure is a huge 'trend'! So is the use of materials that artisans in other countries are not so familiar with, like Cold Porcelain. We have two great masters of this medium: Ivani Grande and Betinha Murta.

And, even though we don't have those huge shows  one can see in the US or UK, there are some very nice exhibits and min-shows, like Febramini, an annual gathering of miniaturists organized by Pépp & Órson. Not to mention individual initiatives by artisans themselves who promote exhibits at malls and other places, like Jane Gariba does.

There are already two books on miniature in Portuguese. One was written by Regina Passy-Yip e and the other one by Regina M.Nacca. Both can be bought online (see Read Minis).

We already have a few stores. Most exist only online. Check Stores. Until now, the only brick-and-mortar store I know of is Casinha Pequenina, at Shopping Eldorado, in  São Paulo, SP.

Speaking of dolls, we still don't have many artisans who make them in 1:12. It's hard to find basic supplies like hair viscose, doll stands and even porcelain doll kits. Not to mention appropriate trims & laces...

It seems that Playscale (Barbie), or 1:6 is still the most popular one here, due to its appeal on children too... Adults are yet to discover the magic collecting and making miniatures can be, and how therapeutic it is too....  

Until now, our doll stars are my namesake Evelyne Doria, from Porto Alegre and Roberta Favá who also makes bags, hats, dresses and sculpts dolls in 1:12.

We also have very talented sculptors who make those little dolls to be placed on top of wedding cakes. Very talented, and they use mostly cold porcelain!

Júnior, all the way from the US, where he lives, makes perfect  1:12 babies using polymer clay.

Current discussion groups:

DollhouseBrazil (on Facebook)



Nação Minimaníaca (on Facebook)

It's worth mentioning that a great 'venue' to meet miniaturists in Brazil are the online discussion groups. Thanks to the Internet, we can all meet, exchange tips & ideas, organize meetings, challenges, and a lot more!...

Though we still don't have any museums devoted to miniatures, there is a very nice place to visit: Parque Mundo Encantado, in RS. It's a true 'world' in miniature spread in 250  in2.

When I first started to learn about miniatures, I felt like an orphan, as I couldn't find much information about this hobby here. In fact, almost none... No stores, no magazines, no classes, nothing at all!


Check at the bottom of this page some of the masterpieces made by those Brazilian artists!

There are many talented miniaturists here. But not much information is available. Besides, most of them remain unknown to the world mostly because just a few speak English.

Buying a dollhouse kit or even a roombox is yet another challenge. Some publishers sell, from time to time, a collection of publications where a small part of the kit is released per week (Del Prado, Planeta). To have everything takes up to 2 years. And that doesn't come cheap either. Not to mention one cannot change whatever goes inside the house. But... it's an excellent way to start in the hobby, as the book that is formed along contains valuable information, tips and tuts. There are some online stores that sell dollhouses and roomboxes.  MinisMagia by Mr. Milton, is the favorite of most artisans. Excellent finishing and reasonable prices. Pequenas Artes also offers some roomboxes. Another alternative is to commission a project to a skilled carpenter in your own area.