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The venue, Casa da Fazenda, is a very beautiful and pleasant place to visit. It's an old farm (plantation) house and currently a restaurant, a cafe and a souvenir store.

In one of the available rooms, Centro Cultural APSEN sponsored “2ª Arte Sem Tamanho”, an exhibit organized by Humberto and Izabel Jara, presenting works by several miniature artisans.

There one could see works by Anna and Regina Fiore (Minifiore), Cristina Akemi, Flávia Oliveira, Ivani Grande, Núria Torrents, Stella de Luca, Valquíria Cegalli and Vivian Bick.

All the scenes and roomboxes were eye-candies. One cannot go to such an exhibit in a hurry. It's important to take your time to truly enjoy each and every single detail.

Arte Sem Tamanho (2008)

By mentioning some of the settings I'll sure be unfair by not mentioning the other ones, as they are all so beautiful and perfec! But as my aim here is to raise your curiosity, here I go: